Self Adhesive Red Kitchen Vinyl: Cupboard Covers

Red Gloss Kitchen Cupboard Cover



Our Price: £1.99
Gloss red vinyl for covering kitchen cupboard doors.  The self adhesive backing means it will stick to any flat surface and will last for 10 years + when applied to internal kitchen units and doors.  Specially developed by an Italian vinyl manufacturer, these kitchen cupboard covers are easy to apply, scratch and stain resitant and will give a brand new look to any dated kitchen.

The vinyl is easy to apply and can be applied using one of our application squeegee's.

Please note: 

We recommend using the 305mm wide vinyl to cover drawer fronts and small cupboards.

We recommend using the 610mm wide vinyl to cover single cupboard doors.

We recommend using the 1220mm wide vinyl to cover larger cupboard doors and fridge freezers.

Single cupboards usually come in a max of 600mm width but please be sure to measure up properly to avoid disappointment when your vinyl arrives.